A Tainted Perception

The way we see people is a testament to the way we see ourselves. Black people were given the plight of their existence. From the start of humanity, their skin color set them apart. And suddenly people started to attribute their difference with deficiency. Can you imagine. Something so minute as the color of one’s skin; driving one to believe they’re inherently better.

The color of your skin. 

Something you can’t even touch. You can’t feel. You can’t taste. But something you can see. The lens in which you view others is a testament to the content of your soul. The moment you start to see yourself as better than another person is the moment you become the oppressor.

Take Responsibility

Something I’ve noticed recently in our western systems is a lack of empathy. A willful avoidance of detachment from one’s own reality to understand another’s.

When considering this question I started doing a bit of research. Simply to give context to my concerns. What I found was something truly astounding, but somehow unsurprising. The system in which we live says that white American males constitute only 33% of the population. Yet, they occupy approximately 80% of tenured positions in higher education, 80% of the House of Representatives, 80-85% of the U. S. Senate, 92% of Forbes 400 executive CEO-level positions, 90% of public school superintendents, and 97.7% of US presidents.

It’s no wonder minority communities are feeling marginalized and misrepresented. People who aren’t us, nor understand who we are, represent us. And this is a problem of high magnitude.

So, with this knowledge, rather than sitting back and allowing the system to wrongfully reflect values we don’t uphold nor agree with, why don’t we take responsibility and encourage our children to stand up; engage our voices. Immigration laws, foreign policy, financial entitlement, and fearmongering would encompass the ideals of the colorful masses if we pushed ourselves towards a different transcendence. Imagine, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) having a faculty that reflected the diversity of its undergraduate body. What a wonderful time to be alive.

We must stand up and take back our narrative because now, more than ever, our communities are suffering, and our brothers and sister overseas are feeling the implications of a hegemonic power turning the blind eye to their suffering.An institutionalized violence and detachment.

No. An institutionalized violence and a glorified detachment…

What is life?

We are caged into the prison of mediocrity, of becoming part of the norm.

A statement that runs so deep in my soul. Everyone’s infatuated with this idea of being accepted. Not being seen as “strange”, “different” or “weird.” That they loose themselves amidst societal norms.

We need to make a conscious effort to take a step back. To ask ourselves if our actions are a reflection of who we are. Who we want to become. Have we really fell victim to blindly following the crowd? This is a lifestyle so toxic.

Life. What is life?

Is it the breathing of oxygen?

Is it to wake up each day and uphold a monotonous schedule? This is a meaning I abhor. 

Our days have become superimposed by each other. There’s no strife to outdo yesterday. Each day becomes confused with another as we’ve become content with normality. 

So much that’s listed into schedules. And yet nothing is accomplished.

Daily routines we tirelessly use to spend our days. Responsibilities we’re obliged to perform. Rules required to follow. Empty statements that serve as sentence fillers. Questions, and not all are being answered or deemed as answerable. There goes the plans that were never put into action. 

Somehow, these actions connect our experiences and make us alike to each other. We are caged into the prison of mediocrity, of becoming part of the norm.

What happened to being unique. Why have we become so satisfied with “normal” that we have nothing else to strive for. What happened to staying true to who you are. Or what you believe resonates within your soul. What happened to outdoing the person you were yesterday. And being intentional with your actions.  Then being intentional with the people you surround yourself with.

So many questions to ask yourself. 

~Inspired by Crazzyiia ❤


Your transient claims about the world continue unexplained.

The rain quenched the thirst of the land. That’s something that’ll never change.

The sun rose at the dawn of winter months. In spite of the blazing shine, the cold stays the same.

The baby’s born with an emergent cry, that fades away as her mother sustains

transient waves, transient gaze

that look of adoration continues to amaze

with its glistening twinkle that always pervades

your love and conviction shall always remain.




Brown skin

I can remember the exact moment when I felt my skin reflected me.

Chocolate, brown, black, I could feel the sun encircling my body in a warm embrace as I took to its glistening rays. Shinning with radiance my chocolate seeped into my soul..

Everywhere surrounding I felt powerful as I became entrenched in my roots.

I could imagine my ancestors as they worked diligently in the unfettered sun. Their skin became accustomed to this delirium..

But alas, this “delirium” is what gave their skin character. The diligence of their ways was encouraged by the rays

Giving rise to the sight of work that took heavens might

Darker and darker their shades grew as they worked longer and longer. The suns rays became stronger as they grew fonder of the absent delays.

A will power amplified by the glowing encouragement

So how dare I be ashamed of a skin that took so many years to cultivate.

“Sun kissed skin.”

This sounds like the world has an unconditional love that’s always there to motivate. A love that never fades

Shining and shining…

Looming Reality

I can’t sleep

I wake up and find myself imagining my life as though an omniscient force has grabbed me. Took me way up high into the heavens of the earth and allowed me to witness the happenings below. Into the galaxy I flow, weightless, without the burden of living. Until suddenly, I’m in free fall. The force has pushed me out, and forced me back into reality. “You must live life…”

This subconscious voice speaks to me.

A huge drop, and I’m in a war torn area surrounded by rubble and smoke. I see the non existent flesh on the bodies of the young as their hearts suck from within, for a protective barrier. The screams, a cacophony of fear, characterizes the air with a looming thickness. My body begins to tremble violently as I realize this life is reality.

I’m conflicted as I think about how my day has transpired. Into something I have no control over. I raise my hands up above. Searching.

For mercy.

For wisdom.


And searching for truth. Times like these disgust as I fall into the category of human nature. The instinct –solely-to ask for help simply for being at the lowest point perceivable. This is wrong. 

In acceptance of my downfall, I’m fully aware, however, I get on my toes and continue to stretch my arms to the highest extent.

And suddenly I’m flying, like a seagul I soar into the clouds and wander off into the distance. The wind ruffles my feathers as I grow higher and lean further from the earth. And the destination that awaits opens a pathway, towards an abyss of unknown darkness. I open my eyes and….

I’m back with the children. I can’t run away. This is my reality. And I stare off in dismay into those eyes of glazed fear. I stand up and maneuver myself through the rubble. Aiming for that warmth of human contact. To shower the children with love and care. Closer, closer I’m almost there. She reachers out a finger.. and my hands, as though with a mind of their own, levitate to find her.

But to my surprise, my final destination is my living room couch. I’m awakened by the tapping of my shoulders from my sister to go upstairs. Back into the lair of deceit.